Thursday, 18 September 2014

Golden Dawn: 2nd largest party in polls – National opposition!

A recent poll taken between 2.09.14 to the 10.09.14 by shows the electoral collapse of the Samaras-Venizelos junta and the gradual strengthening of Syriza. The poll also covered voting intentions, as well as a series of questions on current events, including the President of the Republic and the much debated Single Property Tax.

With regards to elections, Syriza is the market leader with 32.6%, while second is Golden Dawn at 18.7%. Third is now New Democracy, with 12%, followed by the KKE at 4.3%. The River falls back to 3.8%, while PASOK sinks to 3.7%.

The decline of New Democracy shows that many of their past voters are falling to a number of other parties. The number 1 party for former New Democracy voters is Golden Dawn, which is capturing over 22.1% of their vote, followed by Syriza at 15.3%. Likewise, the largest number of former Syriza voters are most likely to move over to Golden Dawn, with 8.9% of former Syriza voters coming to the Nationalists.

Despite the unconstitutional political persecution against the Golden Dawn, thousands of former voters from New Democracy and Syriza are now moving to the Nationalist camp. Support for Golden Dawn is growing.

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