Friday, 26 September 2014

Brussels: Protests against the political persecution of Golden Dawn

A protest against the political persecution of Golden Dawn took place yesterday in Belgium, outside the Greek embassy in Brussels. Our comrades launched a demonstration at the heart of the European Union, in a city where many corrupt Marxist figureheads have been working to destroy Europe as we know it.

The political persecution against Golden Dawn was driven not only by Greek traitors who are struggling to cling to power, but also by outside forces who see Golden Dawn as a threat to their European ‘project’. The corrupt Greek politicians take orders from their puppet masters who can be found from Brussels to New York, so it is fitting that Nationalists meet them in their own front yard.

Attending the rally where Belgian Nationalists, both Flemish and Walloon, as well British, Germans and of course, Greek Nationalists. Among the protesters where German MEP Udo Voigt, former British MEP Nick Griffin, the President of the Belgian Nationalists Movement Jean-Pierre Demol, and Golden Dawn MEPs Synadinos and Epitideios.

During the protests, many of activists and leaders made speeches, directed at the Greek authorities and their illegal prosecution against Golden Dawn. The rally ended with a promise that all attending will continue the struggle in their fight for a Europe of Nations.

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