Friday, 26 September 2014

The beginning of their end: a year since the illegal political persecution of Golden Dawn

A dirty political persecution courtesy of the new regime

In a few days, it will be nearly a year since the regime began its illegal arrests on the Golden Dawn and its chief. I was at the heart of those events, so I will now describe in detail what happened during the ordeal. The organiser of the operation against us was Prime Minister Samaras, as well as other governments ministers such as Dendias, Athanasius, Voridis and Michelakis. Behind them, the Justice Department and the police who were swayed by the corrupt power of the memorandum.

One day before the murder of Fyssas, the then parliamentary spokesman of New Democracy, Voridis, stated on Mega TV that Golden Dawn & its MPs will be prosecuted as a criminal organisation under article 187 of the Criminal Code. Perhaps Voridis is a psychic… as predicted, a few days later there where mass arrests of Golden Dawn members. Immediately after, Dendias revealed the 32 cases against us which has been tucked away, proving Golden Dawn had nothing to do with article 187 of the Penal Code. These 32 cases served as an order to the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Koutzamani, to initiate the criminal charges against us. By this time, the reporters were ready to film the arrests, which was to be a major theatrical event, complete with Jeeps and masked men, to be presented to the Greek people as an upcoming ‘show’.

The meeting between Voridis, Dendias, Athanasios Michelaki

During this time, Samaras was in America, meanwhile ministers Voridis, Dendias, Athanasios Michelaki meet to decide the termination of state funding to Golden Dawn, which is a constitutional right of all elected political parties. Adding to the proof of the government interweaving with the justice department, we see Dendias sending press releases about the decision of the “independent jury” before it was even received.

The midnight orders to the Supreme Court and Counter Terrorism department

The orgy of lawlessness begins to unfold after 12pm, now the documents to arrest Golden Dawn have been submitted to the judiciary. According to the prosecutor, the documents looked to have been drafted by a 1st year law students. Koutzamani, taking orders from his masters, makes the decision to approve and gives the green light for the police to make the initial arrests. The next morning, dozens of gunmen invade my parents home, with no respect for their residence, leaving the house in a complete mess. The only reason I wasn’t amused with their incompetence was because they had violated the peace and residence of my family. At the same time, similar recklessness at the hands of the police begins to take place at the residence of our chief and other Golden Dawn members.

The American Jewish committee and all the dark background

Breaking headlines appeared on the Mega news channel; ‘Golden Dawn crackdown’ which likened us to the terrorists of November 17 & the Red Brigades. With my head up high, I arrived to a destination with other ‘terrorist’ members. The press was everywhere, along with the hooded gunmen holding M-16s. At the entrance of the police headquarters, we were made to ‘catwalk’ in front of all the media crews, it was obvious this was a theatrical show. The purpose was simple, it was to help break us, to drop the morale of our supporters and to show the world the end of our rising popularity.

Unfortunately for the corrupt regime, they achieved the exact opposite. However, lurking in the shadows, was an ever darker side to these events. Samaras was in the US, meeting with the American Zionist Congress. He showed them pictures of the chief in handcuffs, boasting about the arrests, claiming that we are finished. Now a year later, it looks like the opposite will prove to be true. It seems that the Greek people are done with Samaras, who is paying the price for cheating the people and betraying his homeland.

In summary

The arrests of Golden Dawn have been unconstitutional and illegal, executed by as hand full of traitors within the deep state. The ordinary police officers involved in our arrests have the excuse that they were simply following orders, however the same excuse can’t be applied to those who engineered this conspiracy against us. The Samaras gang, including the likes of Athanasius Koutzamani, Vourliotis, Dendias, Andreoulakos, Papagiannopoulos, Tzoitis etc, are part of the ‘deep state’ that begun plotting against us since we started to win over the hearts of the Greek people. They abused their power and the constitution to derail our popularity, illegally persecuting the 3rd largest political party in the country.

Elias Kasidiaris
Korydallos Prison,
September 21, 2014

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