Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What sacrifices have you made for your ideas?

If you don’t make sacrifices for your Ideas, either you’re not worthy or your
Ideas are not.”

The famous quote from the great Ezra Pound seems to be more relevant to us now than it ever was. It’s a quote that provokes everyone who imagines that they have Ideas, especially those who only like to criticise or express their distress for the future of the Nationalist movement and Greece generally. As you’ve probably realized, we are at war. We’ve always been at war with the rotten and corrupt system, which has been ruling over our Homeland for the last 40 years. However as things stand their “Democracy” has crumbled under the weight of public fury that was expressed for the first time with one voice at the National Elections of 2012. Their “Democracy” has started to tremble, to reach the point where after 1 ½ years it has been forced to show its true face by jailing our leader and a chosen group of our fellow comrades, without any factual evidence and without any provable action of guilt.

The conspiracy and the illegal machinations that followed have been well publicised and analysed in the past. Our goal is to examine the quality of our resistance to this unequal war. To question ourselves as to what we are ractising and achieving. We find ourselves face to face with a very well rganised and well-disguised all-encompassing occupation, which has no esitation to do whatever it takes to eliminate the only powerful resistance, he final line of defence against the wholesale sell-off of the Homeland and  he erosion of everything Nationalistic and Racial.

As then, so it is today. We could compare our times to the days before the fall of Constantinople or with the days before the great battle of Thermopylae, when the Spartans sailed around Greece in the search for allies and found that all except a few, were governed by fear of the mighty Empire of Xerxes, whom they imagined to be unbeatable. Then as today, only a few revealed themselves to be brave enough so as to give a battle against all for their Ideas and beliefs, for the Homeland and the Race.

Today thankfully we don’t have an enemy against us with a vast army of  oldiers. We have a despicable and destructive minority government; a small  ang of ruthless traitors, descendants of Efialtis. Unfortunately, those who  esist are once again few in number. For the record, many are resisting piritually and morally, and few with deeds and actions. The recent elections confirmed that we are the third political force of the country; we received the vote of 530 thousand plus Greeks. One month after the elections, we have another 3 parliamentarians in jail, 3 under house arrest and 2 banned from making public statements. How many of the 530 thousand resisted? How many went down to the Court of Appeals when the parliamentarians were driven to the cells of Honour? A few hundred… We return again to Pounds quote: What sacrifices have you made for your Ideas?

The excuses are many and well known, the demand however is for Self  examination that will lead to the harmony of Ideas and Action. Golden Dawn through its leader, its executive, its general members and its dynamic youth has set an example. It’s given a modern prototype of Honour, Faith and Courage. A dynamic prototype of continuous resistance that will continue to show the way as long as there exists even a single person of Golden Dawn.

The Nationalist movement remains faithful to its obligations, ceaselessly continuing its works both inside and outside parliament, Greek and European. It has continued its ceremonies of Honour and Remembrance, its distribution of food and goods, its blood donations. For us as a movement nothing has changed. Not only have they not wounded us as they’d hoped but we’ve grown stronger. They’ve taken from us two brothers, two comrades, from our side. They’ve removed from our movement the physical presence of our leader and many other worthy comrades. The only thing that they’ve achieved is to strengthen our resolve, to deepen our Faith and as soldiers of our Ideas we become a thousand times stronger and more faithful than ever. Now we fight for them also!

We fight for our movement and our Ideas without break. We don’t relax, we don’t have summer holidays, we don’t retreat, instead we increase the pressure until the final moment of Victory. We have Ideas, we believe in these and we fight every day to make them a reality. We make sacrifices for our Ideas. What about you?

A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him” - Ezra Pound

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