Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The guilty silence of those who slander Golden Dawn

It was only a week ago that the debt-ridden media, which has been kept in business by the corrupt Greek government, decided to let rip against Golden Dawn. The media described every little detail about the proposed Golden Dawn trial, covering everything from the location of the court to the punishment of Golden Dawn MPs & organisers.

However, the anti-Golden Dawn propaganda was shaken last week when the courts made a decision to release Golden Dawn MP Atemis Mathaiopoulos from imprisonment.

Not a single main stream media outlet ‘reported’ on the decision to drop Mathaiopolous’s imprisonment in favour of bail & a ban on leaving the country. The crows of the regime have been so shocked that they have fallen into a stunned silence. Unfortunately for the sell outs who call themselves ‘reporters’, Mathaiopoulos’s release doesn’t fit the story they are trying to paint in the minds of the Greek public. A false story, where Golden Dawners are nothing but criminals, much to the liking of the corrupt Samaras government which is leading the illegal persecution against one of their biggest political rivals.

The release of Mathaiopoulos delivers a timely blow to the justice system, which has completely disregarded the constitution and laws to serve the needs of the anti-Hellenic Samaras Junta. Thanks to the corrupt Samaras government, Greece would now struggle to compete against Central African governments in their handling of political opposition. So much for democracy.

This weekend has seen not a single newspaper from the mainstream media contains even the slightest reference to Golden Dawn. TOTAL SILENCE!

The employees of mainstream papers have a heavy burden to deal with if they wish to keep the Samaras Junta happy. They can either chose to be blind to this significant development, or make a decision to sew their lips. In any event, it was only last week they were throwing mud and spreading malicious lies about Golden Dawn. Let us hope that the honourable judges will carry about their duties, increasing the load that the sellout journalists have to manage.

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