Sunday, 17 August 2014

Samaras’s shelf life soon to expire: Former Interior Minister anticipates early elections

The current Greek government has an expiration date, one that is much shorter than Samaras and Venizelos would of wanted. The expiration is expected to take place later this year, during the Greek autumn.

Former Interior Minister of the Samaras-Venizelos Junta, C. Michelakis, anticipates that the Greek government will face early elections from what was described as ‘dangerous opportunists’. These ‘dangerous opportunists’ are not necessarily the main opposition party, Syriza, but are in fact the foreign powers that use Samaras for as long as he is useful and willing to do their bidding. Now that Samaras has outlived his usefulness as his popularity plummets, he is desperately seeking to buy himself more time.

Samaras’s thirst for power led to an unholy alliance with the corrupt PASOK, which has not sat well with many conservative voters. Samaras made big promises during his election campaign, promising change and stability to the Greek people. As the economy continues to struggle, and employment remains high, the Samaras government continued to make cuts to social security, the defence forces, and other public sectors. Illegal immigration continues to increase, while working and middle class Greeks face massive uncertainty. For many Greeks, nothing has changed, and in many cases, the situation has gotten even worse. The big promises have been all but broken, and the Greek people might not be willing to wait the full 4 years for Samaras to serve his term. The International lenders however, maintain the real power in Greece, and see greater opportunities to continue their pillaging of Greece without Samaras in charge. Perhaps this is why the media is grooming Tsipras to broaden his appeal outside the leftists voting bloc, as reported by XA Ameriki here...

There is also the possibility of another unholy alliance, a Nea Democratia and Syriza coalition, where both parties join forces to continue their sell out of our homeland to the international powers. Time will tell, and the only thing that is certain is that Golden Dawn will continue to fight for the interests of the Greek people and our national sovereignty.

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