Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Samaras gives the tax authorities new powers to seize assets of Greeks without evidence

Samaras, the traitor who now runs Greece has given the green light for the thieves of the memorandum to seize the financial assets of Greeks without the presence of a prosecutor. This means that if the Council State deems any Greek to be involved in what they feel is tax evasion, the tax authorities can seize bank accounts without a single shred of evidence. Without an independent prosecutor to overlook the allegations, the bankrupt and corrupt state has the power to unfairly target all Greeks in order to pay off its debt to the international loan sharks.

In effect, the corrupt Samaras Junta has legalised and legitimized burglary and theft by the state against the Greek people. The decision was not out of the blue, but came in response from the Ministry of Finance which seeks to the push the limits of the law in order to “legally” attack the Greek tax payers for everything they have.

Given the recent political persecution Golden Dawn, one must seriously question if and when this will be used to further the Samaras Junta in its political war against the Nationalist movement.  There is also serious doubt if new law will ever be used against millionaire tax evaders who rub shoulders with the establishment.

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