Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Jihadists recruit illegal immigrants in Athenian mosques for ISIS

Mosques in Athens are being converted into Jihadist indoctrination and recruitment centres for Islamic extremists. Today, the extremists leave Greece to fight with ISIS in Iraq & Syria, but how long until they turn against the Greeks? No one in the Greek government seems to place any importance on the growing threat of Islamic terrorism in Greece. Nor do they seem to care that hundreds of these illegals are pouring into Greece every day, none of whom are checked for links to criminal or terrorist organisations.

Foxnews.com reported that dozens of mosques in Athens have uncontrollably turned into jihadist recruitment centres for terrorist organisations abroad. American journalist Benjamin Hall tells the story of one young Iraqi who decided to seek his fortune in Greece. After falling to the indoctrination of Islamic extremists in an Athenian mosque, the 26 year old left Greece to fight with Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front in Syria. He then made the switch to the more extreme and fast growing terrorist group ISIS, and regularly posts updates on his Facebook, many of which feature pictures of dismembered corpses.

This raises a number of questions for the Greek government. Firstly, exactly how many more illegals have there been radicalised in Athenian mosques, and secondly, why is the Greek government and mayors of Thessaloniki & Athens trying to so hard to legalise these mosques?

It’s only a matter of time before ISIS decides to target nations outside of Syria & Iraq. We’ve seen ISIS develop relations within Turkey, which in turn could be used to further exploit Greece. Golden Dawn has stood firmly against the Athenian councils decision to build an official mosque in the city of Athens, and will continue to campaign against what is proving to be nothing more than centres for radical Islamic indoctrination.

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