Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Impoverished Greeks pushed aside in favour of immigrants

In the beginning, Golden Dawn made headlines with its food appeals & volunteer work, offering free food to Greeks in need. Golden Dawn organised to help feed the thousands of impoverished Greeks who had been financial crippled by the incompetent Greek government who offered nothing to those who were hit hardest by the memorandum.

According to the mainstream media, this idea of Greeks helping Greeks was considered an act of racism, and the charitable efforts of Golden Dawn where branded a “soup kitchen of hate”. The food appeals where condemned by the Samaras-Venizelos Junta, as well as the ‘opposition’ and most of the Zionist controlled establishment around the world.

Ofcourse, this wasn’t enough to stop Golden Dawn, who continued to offer support to their fellow country men and women who struggle to support themselves in the current economic crisis. When other ethnic groups around the world offer assistance to their own community, it’s considered honourable, but when Greeks (and other Europeans for that matter) chose to do the same, they are branded as “hateful racists”.

Now, fast forward to the current situation regarding the International Organisation of Migration (IOM). Their Greek office has organised their own food appeals, but this time it’s only for the Afghans and Pakistanis of Manolada.

The packaged foods, along with other resources, such as office supplies, clothes, and cleaning products will be transported by truck to Nea Manolada and distributed by the IOM only to immigrants… Greeks not apply. The hypocrisy here is amazing. Where is the mainstream media to condemn the IOM’s “soup kitchen of hate” and their clearly anti-Greek policy of discriminating against Hellenes?

So what is to happen to the hundreds and thousands of Greeks around the country who are also impoverished, surely there are some Greeks struggling to make ends meet in Nea Manolada. What do the so called “progressives” have to offer them? Perhaps this explains why over 7,000 Greeks have committed suicide thanks to the memorandum, yet not a single ‘impoverished migrant’ has done so.

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