Friday, 22 August 2014

Immigrants threaten Greek employers who dare to hire Greeks

It is well known that foreigners in Greece do not like Greek workers.

Millions of foreigners have invaded our boarders since the 90s. Many have taken the jobs of Greeks, while at the same time undercutting Greek workers by offering cheap labour to opportunistic employers. Now, the immigrants have created cartels and are actively extorting and threatening employers who wish to hire indigenous Greek workers.

According to local media reports in Larissa, foreigners from the Tyrnavou region learnt that their employer was looking to hire some Greek workers. The foreigners then threatened to take action and quit at the prospect of Greek workers being hired. The field owner, fearing the consequences of his business, made a decision to refuse employment to Greek workers. Similar incidents are occurring in many rural areas in Greece, further dispelling the myth of the leftists that the “lazy Greeks refuse to do the work only immigrants are willing to do”.

With the unemployment rate in Greece over 24%, the economy is ruins and austerity bringing Greek families to their knees, how can Greece afford to have millions of immigrants living within their borders? If Greek workers where to go on strike against employers who unlawfully hire illegal immigrants, you can bet they would be branded “racists”. Yet when the foreigners do this, the national Greek media is silent, while the international media continues to spread lies about Greeks being “lazy”.

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