Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Elderly Greek man arrested by police for protecting his property against 2 Albanian burglars who broke into his home

Thesprotia is a region in Western Greece, close to the Albanian boarder. Due to its location, the area is unfortunately a hotspot for Albanian criminals who the leftists assure us are simply ‘victimised economic migrants’.

A 60 year Greek old man and his family returned to their home in the late afternoon on a Thursday, only to find 2 Albanian thieves who had broken into their house in an attempt to steal valuables. In order to protect his family and property from the brazen intruders, the 60 year old grabbed his hunting rifle and fired a number of warning shots into the air to warn the criminals. This unfortunately wasn’t enough to stop the pair, who had escaped, initially taking with them 700 euros, mobile phones, a camera, bank books and personal documents.  The 60 year old was then able to land a bullet in the shoulder of one of the intruders. The 2 Albanian thugs, aged 26 & 32, where apprehended by the police along with the stolen goods. The 32 year old Albanian criminal was also taken to the local hospital for treatment.

Thanks to the backwards and politically correct establishment of Mr Samaras, the 60 year old Greek man was arrested by the police who arrived at the scene. Such is the crime for defending ones family and home! The elderly Greek man can also look towards the possibility of being accused of perpetrating a “racist” attack given these incredible leaders who now run our country. Final notes: It would be interesting to see what the Communist Party of Greece, Syriza and Antarsya would have to say about this crime. Perhaps they can take a page from the Samaras book and try and pin this as another ‘racist hate crime’ by Golden Dawn through the so called ‘independent judiciary’.

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