Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Edward Snowden: ISIS is a tool of the Zionists

Former CIA agent Edward Snowden has revealed the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) was created and funded by Zionists.

Snowden, who objected to the injustices organized by the US intelligence services, is now residing in Russia and uncovering much of dirty work conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). Snowden has previously uncovered a number of unconstitutional operations by the NSA against the American people, but has also played an active role in exposing the Zionists influence and control on American foreign policy.  The fanatical Islamists who are causing much bloodshed in the Middle East where nothing more than instruments of the Israeli Secret Service, while at the same time had the full support of the respective American and British services.

Snowden goes further to describe how ISIS leader Abu Bakr was trained by the secret services of Israel, Mossad. Ab Bakr’s training even included seminars on communication & public speaking, to help gather the support and trust of Islamic terrorists. The purpose of ISIS, as described by Snowden, was to destabilise the hostile Arab States which pose a threat to Israel.

Confirming the revelation, Snowden quotes a recent statement of ISIS, "Allah, the Noble Qur'an, we do not prescribe to fight against Israel or the Jews, before fight apostates and hypocrites!".

While the Zionists continue their genocide against the Palestinians, ISIS ignores Israel and focuses their attention on attacking Muslims, Christians and Kurds, while further destabilizing Iran’s allies.  Now ask yourself this, who really benefits from ISIS? The answer is Israel.

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