Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Anarchists vandalise Greek hero memorial

The Anarchists strike again in the city of Edessa.

Once again, the Anarchists show the Greek public their criminal behaviour and blatant anti-Greek propaganda. These protected “kids” who are shielded by the state, the so called “social activists” by the far left, have spread their hate in the Edessa with anti-Hellenic slogans and vandalized a bust of a Greek hero, a tribute to those who fought bravely for our Macedonia.

Like the cowards they are, the Anarchists wait until the cover of darkness to commit their crimes and unleash their hate against those who stand for our nation.  This is not only an attack on those who fought bravely for the struggle of our Macedonia, but also an attack on the entire city of Edessa, who suffered terribly by the Bulgarian guerrillas and EAM bandits. Golden Dawn urges the city of Edessa to take responsibility and clean up the vandalised areas.

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