Monday, 21 July 2014

Voithame Tin Ellada

Golden Dawn Australia has been recognized by Golden Dawn in Greece for our charitable work in helping Greeks in need

In a coordinated effort from Greek Nationalists across the country, Golden Dawn Australia delivered their promise to support the impoverished Greeks who have become financially crippled by the corrupt Samaras-Venizelos Junta and the troika.

Over 5 tons of quality clothing and other essentials were collected by Golden Dawn supporters in Australia. These items were donated and shipped to Greece in a gesture of solidarity for our Hellenic brothers and sisters back home. Unlike the numerous NGO’s in Greece who seek to only help illegal aliens, and other "minorities" at the expense of the Greek people, Golden Dawn seeks to help the REAL Greeks who have been left behind and forgotten by this rotten establishment.

This is just one of many examples of Golden Dawn Australia’s commitment to supporting our homeland and the efforts of brave Greek Nationalists, who through their determination inspire us to continue our charitable work.

Golden Dawn Melbourne has been active for a number of years in Victoria, and recently supporters in NSW have established a Sydney branch. We are a growing movement in Australia and will continue to provide support for Golden Dawn in Greece.

It's considered noble for ethnic groups in Australia to provide support for their communities back home, so why should patriotic Greek-Australians be treated any different in our charitable initiatives? We are reaching out to all Australians, both Hellenes and non-Hellenes who wish to support Golden Dawn and the Greek people.

To contact Golden Dawn Australia, please email or phone 0459 290 676 to find out how you can help or get involved.

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