Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A case of political persecution - The unacceptable detention of Ilias Kasidiaris

Ilias Kasidiaris, Representative for Attica and Spokesperson for the Golden was unlawfully detained last week. This just another example of how Samaras-Venizelos Junta continues its political persecution against Greece’s 3rd largest political party.

To justify the illegal arrest, the Judge charged Kasidiaris with the possession of two shotguns. The shotguns however are legally registered with permits, one of which is in his fathers name. There are also approximately 250,000 hunters in Greece, and about 850,000 guns, 350,000 of which are not registered. This only further suggests that the persecution of Kasidiaris and Golden Dawn is political.

The last Golden Dawn member to be appear before the court prior to Kasidiaris was Nikos Michos, who is now under house arrest on pre-trial detention. For now, the investigating judge and the prosecutor are in disagreement over the pre-trial decision, with the latter endorsing release with conditions. The disagreement is due to be resolved over the next few days.

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