Sunday, 8 June 2014

Zionists and Islamists join forces to help immigrants conquer Europe

It is no secret that European leaders and politicians who promote immigration and multiculturalism are under the influence of a number of Jewish organisations worldwide. The Samaras-Venizelos junta is typical of this Zionist lobby. It is also no secret that the recent elections in Greece and Hungary where highly disappointing to the Jews because of the success of Golden Dawn and Jobbik.

 “The success of extreme right parties concerned the Jews of Europe” quoted the Jerusalem Post, meanwhile the American Jewish Committee (AJC) complains that Jobbik is now the second largest party in the country. The AJC goes further state that despite the persecution and imprisonment of its leaders, Golden Dawn still managed to appoint 3 Members of European Parliament.  A Jew by the name of Daniel Schwammenthal, director of the Transatlantic Institute of the AJC said that “it remains to be seen how these parties will be able to influence European Policy, but their presence gives them the opportunity to spread their vile hatred”...

In these statements, there was no references to the real situation in Europe, such as mass illegal immigration. The constant trend of Jewish organisations, such as the AJC, is to associate today’s Nationalist Parties in Europe with the “holocaust” and “Nazism” from 1935 to 1945. Typical is the statement of Benjamin Albala, chief of the Central Jewish Council of Greece, that "the election results reflect the period of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism in Europe. Racism and anti-Semitism have now   reappeared in Europe ". Statements like this are designed to ring alarm through the politically correct establishment, as well as to unite minorities, as seen in recent years in the US. Ultimately, this is building up to the mutual cooperation between Jews and Muslims to undermine Nationalism in Europe.

Immediately after the elections, the Union of European Muslims and Jewish leaders under the GEMJL (Gathering of European Muslim and Jewish Leaders), an interfaith group that is connected to the American Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, committed to close cooperation in opposing Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and xenophobiatin order to combat the rise of Nationalism in Europe.  One of the first initiatives for this Jewish/Muslim cooperation will be to promote an agenda to the European Parliaments that gives religious minorities (essentially the Islamists) extended religious rights regardless of the overwhelming Christian majority.

One of Frances top Muslim leaders, Ahmed Miktar, and influential member of the GEMJL, referring to the above initiative, stated that Muslims and Jews should cooperate closely in Europe at the grassroots level, but also at the level of community leadership. He also stressed that Muslims and Jews in Europe cannot afford to stand apart.

The Jews have a long history of promoting immigration and multiculturalism in Europe. As in the US, they favour mass immigration at the expense of the indigenous peoples and their culture. The immigrants, who are mostly Islamists, are allies against the Nationalist Movements and the indigenous people of Europe. The policies of multiculturalism, under the influence of Jewish organizations, and now in open cooperation with Muslim groups, will lead to the destruction of European civilization. The first signs are already very visible.

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