Saturday, 14 June 2014

Syriza Youth promotes gay pride parade

A special invitation has been sent out to the abnormal parade (also known as the gay pride parade). The event is being shamelessly promoted by the ranks of the “radical left” and anarchists, who wish to spread this abnormal parade not just to Athens in 2014, but to other Greek cities and towns around the country!

 "The Athens Pride Organisation celebrates its ten years, ten years of uninterrupted presence in the public life of Athens and claim equal ten years of struggle against the dominant prejudices and homophobic stereotypes”.

“So it is necessary that LGBT community, together with the radical Left, anarchist / anti-authoritarian space, social movements and other progressive political spaces, to answer toward neoconservative and fascist society, in favour of gender and sexual emancipation.”

“ The "Family affair" is a case for democracy. Claiming the recognition of civil unions, creating structures for social care of LGBT people experiencing painful physical consequences of the crisis, the handling of incidents of homophobia and transphobia at work, university and school are critical priorities.

“SYRIZA Youth supports the purposes of the Athens Pride and organization in Thessaloniki, encouraging the adoption of similar initiatives in other cities of Greece. "

According to a poster that has been circulating recently, the slogan “Family Affair” was further defined by a picture of Adam with… Adam, united with their child!

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  1. typical of syriza, anti greek anti family and pro immigration. What a disgrace