Sunday, 8 June 2014

Stabbing among Albanians in city centre – one dead

Bloody clashes between foreigners are now an everyday phenomenon. Mr Dendias, Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection, has turned the police into a casual observational force unable to control the thousands of illegal immigrants who invade and terrorize our country.  

Reported to local media, a fight erupted in Thessaloniki during rush hour, where an Albanian stabbed and killed another Albanian man in the city centre. According the police, a fight broke out between the two men for unknown reasons. At one point, one of the men pulled a knife from his pocket, stabbing the other man before fleeing the scene.

Bystanders at the event alerted the authorities soon after. An ambulance rushed to the scene and received the victim. The stabbing victim, however, did not survive, despite the efforts of doctors to save his life.

As revealed by the investigation, the victim was 31 years old. Police officers, based on testimonials from witnesses began investigations to identify and arrest the offender, and to conduct research to determine if the fight involved other people.

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