Saturday, 14 June 2014

Russian nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky sides with Golden Dawn - Correspondence with Nicholas Michaloliakos

Russian Nationalist Party leader and Great philhellene Vladimir Zhirinovsky is standing on the side of People's Association and now looks towards formalizing the relationship between Russian Patriots and Golden dawn.

Zhirinovsky's party, holding approximately 12 percent of the Russian vote (nearly 8 million Russian citizens), has 56 seats in the Russian Duma and 212 seats in local parliaments. This is one of the largest nationalist political forces in Europe, which supports the policy of President Putin in defence, Geopolitics and International Relations.

In correspondence with our leader, Mr Zhirinovsky gives top priority to strengthening relations between the two Patriotic Movements, the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia and the Golden Dawn, with a view to promoting Greek-Russian cooperation. The correspondence also focused against the illegal political persecution against the People's Association, the official position of our geopolitical shift towards Russia.

"FRONT" newspaper will be exclusively publishing recent correspondence between Nicholas Michaloliakos and Vladimir Zhirinovsky this Saturday.

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