Friday, 13 June 2014

Russia, China, Iran: The Great enemies of the U.S

The Cold War ended almost 25 years ago, and the Second World War ended almost 70 years ago. The reality is that the U.S. elites who govern their country still retain the same enemies from the end of the WW2 and from the Cold War, namely Russia and China, and recently has added Iran.

In recent months, we have been watching the U.S. efforts to neutralize Russia's geostrategic enclaves in Ukraine and Syria. Meanwhile the strong U.S. military presence in Asia is forcing China into an unprecedented arms race in order to counteract and neutralize the pressure of Washington in this region of the world.

Russia and China remain the great enemies of the U.S, despite the significant changes that have taken place in Russia after the fall of the communist regime and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. China, although ruled by the communist party, is essentially capitalist. So there is no longer any ideological Capitalist vs Communist type scenario that could justify the U.S. crusade against these two countries. In recent years, the US has added another country to its list of enemies- Iran's theocratic Shiite regime.

So the question is why are Russia, China and Iran demonised as enemies of the "West", the U.S, its allies and the Zionist media, as we all understand that the reasons are certainly not ideological. The reason for targeting these three countries is simple. Russia, along with China and Iran form a centre of gravity that is beyond the control of the globalist empire being spearheaded by the U.S. This global dominance envisioned by the U.S. cannot be questioned and threatened by ‘rouge’ nations, which suggest an alternative balance of power on the international playing field. These three countries offer an alternative to all the people who want to achieve independence from Americanisation and globalisation.

The U.S, after Russia and China emerged as superpowers, is beginning to see its global empire crumble. A large part of Asia (see India) and a large part of Latin America (see Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador) escaped from the grip of the so-called West and developed their own economic potential by blocking the Zionists loan sharks. Meanwhile in Syria and Ukraine, the debacles of the U.S and NATO are undeniable. Folks are beginning to realize that the "democracy" and "human rights" that supposedly preached by the USA is a covert strategy of enslavement. "Humanitarian" intervention in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and many other countries of the world have shown nothing but shameless imperialism.

People now realize that the great enemy is American neo-imperialism and that globalization & multiculturalism cannot replace culture and nations.
The time how has now come for the people to decide with whom they will ally with. In one corner, there are those who favour the globalists and want to destroy the nations. In the other corner are those who believe in tradition, identity, and nation.

The de-Hellenisation of our land means the enemies of our nation are attacking our sovereign rights. Fighting against Americanisation and globalisation means that we strive for sovereignty and independence, our right to survive as Greeks.

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