Friday, 20 June 2014

Pakistani rampages through Ierapetra: 1 dead, 1 attempted rape, and 1 hospitalised with serious injuries

At a glance, it looks like this story came straight from Islamabad. A 25 year old Pakistani man raised terror on the island of Crete, leaving the small town of Ierapetra in shock.

The incident started with the Pakistani’s attempted rape of a 40 year old woman. Soon after, the Pakistani then tracked down a 54 year old compatriot of his. It is believed the two had a financial dispute, which ended with the 25 year old brutally killing the 54 year old with a meat cleaver.

The rampage continued as the Pakistani man sought a 50 year old Greek man who was dining with his family in a nearby Tavern. The Pakistani, again caught in some kind of financial dispute, unleashed an attack on the 50 year old Greek man in front of his wife and daughter before being restrained by police.

The victim who suffered multiple serious blows has been transferred from the local Ierapetra Medical Centre to a Neurosurgery clinic in the Hospital of Heraklion.

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  1. Typical really, the usual 3rd world scum that commit these crimes against native greeks. Round them up and deport them simple as that!!!