Friday, 13 June 2014

More unconstitutional, politically motivated crack downs on Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn’s recent electoral success has continued to alarm the Samaras-Venizelos Junta, which is now continuing its illegal prosecution against the Peoples Nationalist Movement. Earlier this week we saw Golden Dawn Councilman for Piraeus, Nikos Kouzilos illlegally detained.

The attack from the system continues as an elected Golden Dawn MP, Mihalis Arvanitis, has restrictive conditions imposed in an unprecedented deprivation of his political rights.

Arvanitis refused to apologize to the investigating judge, stating that he has no involvement in any unlawful act and the proceedings against him are clearly political. The investigating judge decided to let Arvanitis go, only to be deprived of the constitutional right to partake in political activity.

Beyond the ban on leaving the country, Mr Michael Arvanitis is forbidden to engage in any speech or any other political event involving the Golden Dawn!

It is obvious even to the most sceptical that the prosecution against the Golden Dawn has nothing to do with criminal law, but is clearly only policy.

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