Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Leftists gangs continue to spread terror in Ayia Nappa

Back in June 2012, two criminals opened fire on a vehicle in Cyprus, shooting dead the five men inside the car. The gang style execution took place on a quiet side street just outside the heart of the Ayia Nappa, the men being security guards of a known Cypriot businessman.

The two leftist criminals charged and sentenced for the five murders are the anarchist Dimitris Mamalikopoulos and Syriza supporter Anastasios Tsechilidis. Mamalikopoulos had been arrested for the crime in an Anarchist squat, while Tsechilidis was caught while travelling back to Greece to vote for Syriza as he is a “fan”.

Tsechilidis, in hopes of receiving a lighter sentence, revealed information to the authorities back in February about his connection to leftist terrorist groups. Tsechilidis revealed the supposed location of hidden weapon stashes across Greece, as well as details of those who ordered the 2012 killing. The violence and bloodshed did not end in 2012 – yesterday, the father of the businessman who was the intended target of the 2012 shooting was killed.

Leftist gangs and terrorists continue to murder with impunity, spreading terror in Cyprus through their links to organized crime.

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