Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Europe of Nations Rises: Sweeping Nationalist win

Following our triumph in May 2012, today marks the beginning of a new era of fear for the international capitalists. Nationalist parties win sweeping victories across Europe, threatening to demolish the crumbling Brussels administration along with the international bankers and usurers.
In Greece, the Golden Dawn scored an impressive victory wining three seats in the European parliament. The will of the European people has emerged to resist globalization, internationalism & the destruction of our traditional ethnic identities.
  • In France, Le Pen’s Nation Front took first place with 24.96%, electing 24 out of 74 MEP’s for France in the European Parliament.
  • In Germany, the NPD won their first seat in European Parliament.
  • The Freedom Party of Austria, secured 20% of votes,
  • The Denmark People’s party gets 27%, electing 4 of the 13 seats for Denmark in the European Parliament
  • In Poland also, the Congress of the New Right takes 7.2% and will be represented by four MEPs.
  • In Hungary, Jobbik ranks second in the elections, with 15% and 3 seats.
  • In England, the Eurosceptic UKIP's captured 23 of the 74 British seats, while the BNP's Nick Griffin, received 1.2%.
This is a turning point in history, as the European peoples turn to the nationalist movements which fight for a Europe of Nations against international moneylenders and global suzerainty.
The Europe of Nations rises again!

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