Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Public Order Minister of Greece angered by Greek police officers right to vote freely

Nikos Denidas, Public Order Minister of Greece was angered following the recent elections as police officers exercised their constitutional right to freely vote for their party of choice.

The Marxist stooges and Mainstream Media would much prefer the police to tremble in fear of the politically correct regime. Instead, Police officers sent a very “democratic” message to the Samaras-Venizelos Junta.

It was said that “In 18 polling stations, where there are up to 2,800 policeman, Golden Dawn exceeded the average rates, taking 16.7% to 22% of the votes”. It was also worth noting that “the neighbouring polling stations where police did not vote, percentages of votes did not exceed 9%” The Golden Dawn welcomes proud Greek police officers who despise the renegade Political elite and their disgraceful, immoral and illegal propaganda!

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