Saturday, 31 May 2014

Moroccans murder 82 year old in front of Grandchild

Two Moroccans who are now in the hands of the police for a heinous murder of an unfortunate woman during a brutal home robbery.

According to the police, the perpetrators identified an elderly woman from the Philippines who they planned to rob in the Athenian suburb of Exarcheia. Knowing the woman was babysitting alone at home, the Moroccans pretended to be interest in renting an apartment next door.

The robbers then breached the front door of the apartment, tied up and gagged the elderly woman in order to rob the home. They then searched the entire apartment, and found a laptop, mobile phone, jewellery, money and a passport. Most shocking of all was that a 4 year old grandchild was found at the scene where the 82 year old is now believed to of died through asphyxiation. This is just another example of how ‘economic migrants’ who invaded our country are neither peaceful or willing to work like honest people.

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